About Me

When Jeffrey Lazo was a small boy, he was often exposed to the world of television and films.

Growing up with all sorts of shows and films, Jeffrey developed a passion for telling stories through the medium along with the drive of making these ideas into a reality, regardless of his role on set. 

Since his teenage years, he had always seen himself to be part of the entertainment industry. With a dream of making a name for himself, Jeffrey started making short films with a few under his belt already.

Through this, he has gained some experience in professional productions. Jeffrey has experience in many set positions ranging from a production assistant to a producer. He has learned quite a lot and is continuing to learn more in order to become an efficient filmmaker in the industry.

Along with this journey, YouTube was where he was first able to express his artistic expression through two YouTube channels he had between 2009 to 2011. His third channel, “DizerPro” is where many of his projects live. Most of his short films and project managed to break through a decent amount of views which helps grow the channel. Thanks to YouTube, Jeffrey began as an editor from an early age when he used Windows Movie Maker to make image-based music videos. Not long after, he learned how to use Sony Vegas Pro and then jumped onto the Adobe Creative Suites in high-school where he fell in love with Adobe Premiere CC. During his college days, he learned how to edit and color correct on Avid Media Composer, an industry standard.

Jeffrey believes in the future of digital content production and the fantastic possibilities it brings to the table. He has high hopes for the future of filmmaking.

Protastic Productions

Protastic Productions is here to tell stories for the digital age.

Protastic Productions is the “brand” name I often use in projects where I’m a creative control unless it’s university-related. I’ve always wanted to have my own “brand” and company since I was in high school. During my early high school days, I came up with the name “Protastic”. It’s a very special name to me and while it is not a real company (yet!), one of my many goals involve making this into a real production studio with the backing of an amazing talented people to work for the company. Until then, Protastic Production is just me and anyone else who’ve I’ve frequently work with. So far, Protoastic Production consists of short films, web-series, and a podcast.

NLE Software Experience: Adobe Premiere Pro (primary), Avid Media Composer (If needed), Adobe AfterEffects, and Vegas Pro

Sound Editing: Avid Pro Tools

Other Software: Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve (Learning)

Computer: Windows Desktop PC (best rig I have available), Windows AMD Laptop (does well when needed in the field)

Equipment: Sony a6300 4K Mirrorless camera, Canon Rebel T5i

1x Tripod, 1x Shoulder mount, 1x Monopod, 1x short-range shotgun microphone, 1x long-range shotgun microphone, 1x dead cat wind filter, 1x 4K Video monitor

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